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SUPERTETA agency‘s (SUPERAUNTIE in English) main activity is child minding in households in Brno and its neighbourhood. It also offers a wide range of other services – we can pick your children up from nursery and school, we will organize celebrations, parties and other activities for children, we will make them company during your journeys and trips.
The owners of the agency are husband and wife, Ing. Pavlína Trávníčková (business and organizational responsibilities) and Mgr. Marek Trávníček (responsible for personal tasks). A majority of our nannies are university students of faculty of education that is future primary school teachers. They all meet demanding criteria of our recruitment process.
If you are interested in our services and wish to apply in English, you can send us your detailed requirements through this order form. In given order please fill in: name of parent, household address, phone, e-mail, children including names and ages, required language spoken by nanny (also spoken by your children) and date and time requirements. We will do our best to meet your requirements. We answer you the soonest we can.
Below you can see basic charges. Charges for other services that are not included are inferred from the basic charges and are subject to negotiation.
One-off care 140 CZK/hour
One-off care in foreign language 170 CZK/hour
Regular care 120 CZK/hour
Regular care in foreign language 150 CZK/hour
Extra charge for weekend care 20 CZK/hour
Extra charge for weekend care in foreign language 30 CZK/hour
Recruitment services for your own nanny (when the probation period terminated our agency is no longer involved) 15000 CZK (one-off payment)
Recruitment services for your own nanny speaking a foreign language 20000 CZK (one-off payment)
The above stated charges are final with the exception of extra charges when caring for ill children, overnight care, etc.
We are not VAT registered.
We charge out every initiate half-hour of caring.
Transport fees for areas within the reach of public city transport are already included.
Take advantage of our special offers and loyal customer discounts:
First time customers get 100 CZK discount. In addition to that your child receives a little gift.
Recommend us to a new customer and get 100 CZK discount.
Loyal customers are rewarded. After only 10 child minding sessions you get a discount on all our services.
Contact us:

Agentura Superteta
Ing. Pavlína Trávníčková
IČ 86871838
K Babě 5, 621 00 Brno-Medlánky

Url: http://www.superteta.cz
E-mail: info@superteta.cz
Tel.: +420 773 480 006
ICQ: 237-155-168
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